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Weight Loss


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  • Faabulous, Malleshwaram

Service Description

ARE YOU DEMOTIVATED BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ANY RESULTS?   OR DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO LOSE WEIGHT? ARE YOU LOOKING FOR INSTANT, EFFECTIVE & SAFE WAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT? YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health. A body mass index (BMI) over 25 is considered overweight, and over 30 is obese. Obesity is generally caused by eating too much and moving too little. If you consume high amounts of energy, particularly fat and sugars, but do not burn off the energy through exercise and physical activity, much of the surplus energy will be stored by the body as fat. We Morph has a team of experts who strive to get you the results you desire. Our expert Nutritionist's & Team of Doctors can help give you the best Treatments & Diet Plans that give you long-lasting, effective, safe methods of losing weight & staying slim & healthy. For Instant, Fast & Effective Results or even Long Term Weight Loss Plans & Diets and book your appointment today! Say hello to a new & slim you!

Contact Details

  • Faabulous, Malleshwaram

    21, 1st Temple Street, Vyalikaval, Yalappa Garden, Malleshwaram West, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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